Emotional Healing- Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Trauma

I can say from experience, adversity makes us stronger. I wouldn’t be the peaceful, non-reactive, unconditionally loving, compassionate person that I am today, if it wasn’t for all the emotional pain I faced during very challenging experiences, including the loss of my foot from a car accident. From the 26 years of ongoing inner work, I hold the balance for others. I have the gifted ability to assist others with speeding up the process of letting go of the emotional blockages holding us back.

I learned that when we acknowledge our negative beliefs or reactions as they arise and take responsibility for those illusions we create, we then stop creating the same old habits and patterns. Only then are we able to transform the previous way of being into a new loving way of being…the previous negative way of being is permanently replaced with peace, love, and new opportunities that were not possible before. I discovered as we continually let go of our emotional blocks, our body’s channel opens up, and life force energy from the universe can then move freely through us.

When we heal ourselves, it heals everyone around us. When we let go, freedom emerges. And I am here to help you achieve that freedom.

~ Marilyn Frazier