Angie – Insomnia

Angie had been suffering from insomnia throughout her entire adult life. She never realized how much this condition had impacted her until her son, Andrew, who was diagnosed with autism. She soon realized that she lacked the energy, stamina, and willpower to care for a child with special needs. That’s when her son’s therapist recommended that she see Marilyn Frazier for help with her insomnia.

Although Angie was skeptical, she decided to give Marilyn’s treatment a try. During her sessions with Marilyn, she experienced a newfound mental clarity that she had never experienced before. She was able to relax and release anxiety and stress through the practice of Jin Shin, which involved energy balancing.

After her one three-hour session, Angie was amazed by the results. She no longer needed sleeping pills to fall asleep, and she woke up feeling refreshed in the morning. Her husband was also astonished by the transformation in his wife’s sleep patterns, as she had been dependent on sleeping pills for eight years. Marilyn’s treatment had changed this woman’s life, and she was now able to be the best mother possible for her son. She had more energy, felt more present with her son, and felt like she had her life back.

Thanks to Marilyn, Angie was able to overcome her insomnia and lead a more fulfilling life with her family.

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