Testimonial Clips of Healing Session Benefits with Marilyn Frazier

As these testimonials explain, Marilyn has helped clients with a variety of physical and emotional ailments to balance their energy, relieve their physical and emotional pain, and regain control of their lives. 

Jennie had been trying to access her memories but couldn’t, so she sought help from Marilyn. After two sessions, her alcohol cravings, anxiety, back pain, fibromyalgia pain, and brain fog all disappeared. Jennie felt energetic, able to connect with people and exercise more. Her chakra clearing also opened up her heart chakra.

Another client, Greg, came to Marilyn to let go of his anger and forgive people. In one session, he was able to forgive his ex-wife and her whole family, something he had been struggling with for years. 

Sandy had been dealing with knee pain, shoulder pain, and teeth-gritting due to stress. After the session, she felt free and refreshed, with no pain, and was amazed that she no longer gritted her teeth. She also felt self-love, and she was no longer triggered by negative comments. 

Similarly, Jeremiah sought Marilyn’s help for pain relief and range of motion relief, which he experienced after her session.

Martha also had chronic pain issues, including knee pain, hip pain, a heart injury, and a fibroid in her throat. She felt relief from all of these after Marilyn’s session.

Finally, Scotty expressed how special Marilyn’s healing work was and how he couldn’t put it into words.