Somatic Therapy-Dr Marilyn Frazier

Release Physical Pain and Negative Emotions

The natural tendency for us humans is to suppress our negative emotions. I have found that our suppressed emotions become the root of our triggers and form our beliefs. Negative beliefs create negative experiences, because they taint our perspective. Therefore we see things not as they are, but as we are.

My gifted ability to release negative emotions for others first opened up 12 years ago right after I embodied Unconditional Love. I can free you from your past emotional trauma, which will enable you to move forward into new possibilities, and peacefully live in present time. My hands are divinely guided to energetically access the suppressed negative emotions that are stored in your subconscious, that are also influencing your life and interpretations in a negative way. I transmute the negative emotions from negative to positive, so that you are freed from their hold on you…you will stop reacting and repeating the same old habits and patterns.

My gifted ability to transform physical pain opened up after I embodied Self Love.

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$180 for 60 minutes.

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“During my treatment with Marilyn, I felt the mental clarity that I had never experienced before…Marilyn’s treatment has changed my life. I have more energy and I am more present with my son. And I feel I have my life back.”

somatic therapy los angeles Jeremiah

“After she worked on me, I was much more flexible and much more range of motion than anything I’d done before that including the entire western medicine approach. I definitely recommend it for anybody dealing with symptoms beyond what you can handle.”

emotional healing testimonial

“I feel very empowered. It’s ultimately me doing the work. It’s me that’s advancing. She just facilitates it, but in a very deep way…My emotions feel much better. I feel better in my heart.”

emotional healing testimonial

“I felt just a release…And I’m pretty skeptical about things like that, especially in the past. But there is no doubting this…It was pretty incredible and believable, and I was really appreciative of it. It felt amazing…Immediately after the session, I was elated and inspired.”