Sandy – Physical and Emotional Healing

Sandy was feeling overwhelmed with stress and physical pain in her life. She had a hard time saying “no” to people, and her ex-partner was causing her problems. She decided to visit Marilyn, who was known for helping people release their emotional and physical pain through chakra clearing.

During the session, Sandy felt like she was on a beach at night, and waves of relaxation flowed through her body. She was able to release her stress and let go of her ex-partner, and she had a dream that allowed her to say “no” and move on.

After the session, Sandy felt like a new person. Her shoulder, knee, and jaw pain disappeared, and she no longer gritted her teeth due to stress. Her energy returned, and she was able to get more done. Sandy was able to walk her dog again and work in her yard.

During the session, Marilyn worked on clearing Sandy’s chakras, which helped her both emotionally and physically. Marilyn also worked on clearing black mold from Sandy’s throat, which caused her voice to be scratchy. Sandy noticed her voice was improving, but the black mold still persisted.

Overall, Sandy felt much better after her session with Marilyn. She was less dependent on substances, had less stress, and was able to enjoy life again. Sandy was excited to visit Marilyn again to continue working on clearing the black mold from her throat.

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