Is Somatic Experiencing Therapy in Los Angeles Good for PTSD? An Alternative to Medication-Based Treatment

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a complex condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While medication-based treatments are commonly prescribed, an increasing number of individuals are seeking alternative approaches to address the root causes of their trauma. In recent years, somatic experiencing therapy (SET) has gained recognition as an effective therapeutic modality for PTSD. This blog explores the benefits of somatic experiencing therapy as an alternative to medication-based treatment in Los Angeles, highlighting its principles, techniques, and its potential to offer healing and restoration to those suffering from PTSD.

In this article, we will explore somatic experiencing therapy, its benefits, and an alternative Marilyn Frazier offers in addressing deep-rooted emotional issues such as trauma and PTSD.

Understanding PTSD and Its Challenges


PTSD is a mental health disorder that develops after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Its symptoms include intrusive thoughts, nightmares, hypervigilance, emotional numbness, and avoidance of triggers. Traditional medication-based treatments often focus on managing symptoms rather than addressing the underlying trauma. This can leave individuals feeling reliant on medications while the root causes of their distress remain unaddressed.

What is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

Somatic experiencing therapy, developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine, offers a unique approach to trauma healing. It recognizes that trauma is stored in the body and aims to release the trapped energy associated with traumatic experiences. SET focuses on restoring the natural regulation of the nervous system, allowing individuals to renegotiate their relationship with past traumatic events. By engaging the body’s innate healing capacity, SET aims to address the underlying dysregulation that contributes to PTSD symptoms.

What are the Principles and Techniques of Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

Somatic experiencing therapy is based on several core principles and techniques: 

  • First, it emphasizes the importance of tracking bodily sensations and titration, which involves working with trauma in manageable doses. 
  • Second, pendulation allows individuals to move between experiencing distress and accessing resourced states, fostering resilience during the therapeutic process. 
  • Another technique, known as completion, aims to provide a sense of closure to incomplete survival responses triggered by trauma. 

Through these principles and techniques, SET encourages the gradual release and resolution of traumatic energy, facilitating healing and integration.

What are the Benefits of Somatic Experiencing Therapy for PTSD?

One of the key advantages of somatic experiencing therapy for PTSD is its focus on addressing the underlying somatic experiences associated with trauma. By directly engaging the body’s wisdom and innate healing capacity, SET offers an opportunity for individuals to process and integrate traumatic memories on a physiological level. This holistic approach can result in long-lasting healing, reducing the reliance on medication-based treatments.

How to Access Somatic Experiencing Therapy in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a city known for its diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including somatic experiencing therapy. Many trained practitioners in the area offer SET services to individuals seeking an alternative approach to healing from PTSD. It is essential to research and find qualified and experienced professionals who specialize in trauma and somatic experiencing therapy. These practitioners can provide personalized support and guide individuals through their healing journey.

What is a A Viable, Non-Invasive Alternative in Addressing Trauma and PTSD? Somatic Energy Healing

Los Angeles Somatic energy healing

Somatic energy healing is based on the understanding that the human body consists of interconnected energy systems, such as chakras, meridians, and subtle energy fields. When someone suffers from the effects of trauma and PTSD, these energy systems can become imbalanced, resulting in both physical and emotional symptoms. Somatic energy healing aims to restore balance to these energy systems by engaging with the body’s invisible communication network.

The benefits of somatic energy healing for PTSD and trauma recovery are significant. Firstly, it helps individuals reconnect with their bodies. This reconnection serves as a vital initial step in the healing journey. Trauma often leads to a disconnection from physical sensations as a coping mechanism. Somatic energy healing assists individuals in developing a heightened awareness of their bodily experiences, allowing them to rebuild a connection with themselves.

Another significant benefit is the calming of the mind. By bringing the mind into the present moment, somatic energy healing enables individuals to perceive reality as it truly is. This state of mindfulness empowers individuals to make conscious choices and liberates them from feeling like victims.

Furthermore, trauma and PTSD can cause individuals to store negative emotions and energy within their bodies, resulting in both physical and emotional symptoms. Somatic healing works to release these suppressed emotions, liberating individuals from the grip of past traumas. By resolving unresolved emotional wounds, new opportunities for growth and transformation arise, unencumbered by the limitations imposed by trauma.

There are Viable and Non-Medication Alternatives to Address PTSD

Actual Cases of Somatic Energy Healing in Los Angeles

For individuals seeking an alternative to medication-based treatment for PTSD, somatic experiencing therapy in Los Angeles offers a promising pathway to healing. By addressing the somatic aspects of trauma and utilizing the body’s innate ability to heal, SET provides a unique opportunity for individuals to process and integrate their traumatic experiences. As the field of trauma therapy continues to evolve, somatic experiencing therapy stands as a beacon of hope for those who wish to reclaim their lives and restore their well-being after experiencing the profound impacts of PTSD. 

On the other hand, viable alternatives, such as somatic energy healing are available. It is essential to recognize that somatic energy healing is not a one-size-fits-all approach to trauma and PTSD recovery. Instead, it is divinely customized to suit your unique psychology. It is effective for individuals who already understand the importance of personal responsibility for their emotions. I facilitate your self-healing process, allowing for quicker transformation. Your role in this journey is a subconscious willingness to let go of the past. In most cases, somatic energy healing proves to be a life-changing experience.

To learn more about somatic energy healing and how it can help you break free from traumatic experiences, feel free to reach out to me via text at (310) 903-9336. You may also visit the page containing testimonials from my clients about how my healing hands helped them address emotional and physical issues. Through the power of somatic energy healing, I am here to help you or your loved one escape the emotional prison that PTSD and trauma may have placed you in, granting you the opportunity for a fresh start.

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